Saturday, May 9, 2009

I was having a conversation with someone on a different site who said that the thyroid meds build up in your system so it does not wear off ...per say.

You know, I tend to agree with you, although I do not want to admit it. I have been feeling horrible; moodiness is a sign that my levels are too low. I only get to this type of moodiness when I am at something like a .01. I could have sworn my levels were off during the past two weeks. I was tested...I am at a .23 hmmm, ok. I will not get into how this whole time she wanted me suppressed at a .02 and now a .23 is a good range for me… That is another discussion in itself.
Anyway, now that I know my level is "high" I "feel" better. It has to be in my head. I am very stressed over my upcoming cancer check, pending doctor switch, Thyrogen and time off of work. Not to mention I am moving June 6th, and my house is NOT packed. I had a CT that showed prominent lymph nodes last week, but my primary isn’t worried about it. I don’t see my specialists until June. My partner has a lot of stress on her plate as well, so I try to act fine not to add to her current upset. So yeah, the stress is piling up. I am happy I found this site because if I went only by how my doctors treated me and explained things to me I would still be lost. I am still surprised that the meds build up in your system...I have been taking my meds now at 3:45 in the morning and going back to sleep (if i am lucky)for at least a month. I feel more awake and ready to conquer the world at 630 when I get up.I do not have to convince myself to get out of bed, and drag my ass to the shower. I do not have to worry about taking a vitamin if I chose or having a glass of OJ when I get up. Then by 10p, I am so very tired, moody, cloudy; it’s hard to function. I guess that could just be me.

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  1. Kristy,
    Things for you sound remarkably like the last few months for me! Hang in there! What do you mean about the meds not wearing off? I've found that taking them just an hour before getting up works well for me... (5am, uhg). It keeps me going till about 11-12 at night, and if I can't fall asleep its not too ridiculous to be up that early, and you are still good to go to eat right then.